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Getting to Know (Pat Fellows)

Which Pat Fellows do you know? Is it the salad shop guy? High school or personal running coach? Blogger? Rock star hopeful? Husband and father? Hugs + high fives creator? King of snark? Fitness and health advocate? FreshJunkie race guy? Dude who wrote a hilarious ad trying to sell a van? Writer of random text… Continue reading Getting to Know (Pat Fellows)

Getting to Know (Kristie Cornell)

A few years ago, as I was training for a marathon, I had a crazy dream, which I wrote about at the time. It went something like this: I was in an adventure race with a bunch of my gailfriends, and we were running, and then there was the paddle part, and the water was… Continue reading Getting to Know (Kristie Cornell)

Feeding the muse …

Lately I've been hungry for things that tap into my creative self, especially writing and photography. As a side gig, I take on writing, editing, and other creative projects, and for one of these I work as a ghostwriter for a private autobiography service. I absolutely love this immensely rewarding work, taking interviews with the… Continue reading Feeding the muse …

Red-letter, I mean, red-legged day

I don't ordinarily share the entire story of a birding adventure, but yesterday was a special day in the bird-watching books, with a wonderful outcome! Some very happy birding buddies! On Thursday of last week, Louisiana birders started getting alerts, on a rare bird GroupMe, on our birding Facebook pages, eBird, and elsewhere that at… Continue reading Red-letter, I mean, red-legged day

She believed she could, so she did

#MedalMonday #GulfCoastChallenge Under the crushing weight of grief from my dad's death in May, the Gulf Coast Challenge gave me a glimmer of hope that was nearly dashed by a bike wreck six weeks ago that left me with a broken rib and a bruised spirit. But my husband will tell you I am nothing… Continue reading She believed she could, so she did