Feeding the muse …

Lately I’ve been hungry for things that tap into my creative self, especially writing and photography. As a side gig, I take on writing, editing, and other creative projects, and for one of these I work as a ghostwriter for a private autobiography service. I absolutely love this immensely rewarding work, taking interviews with the “authors” and turning their words into a book to be treasured by their family and friends as part of their legacy. These pieces are private, though, meant only for the eyes of those lucky enough to be recipients of the author’s narrative.

I recently read a beautifully written piece in Outside Magazine about the 1976 death of alpinist Nanda Devi Unsoeld, and it made me remember a million years ago, when I worked at a small daily newspaper and got to write human interest stories. This is where all of this went in my head: Why couldn’t I still do that now, even though it’s no longer my profession? I know lots of interesting people; perhaps some of them would let me share their stories.

… which leads me here, to some writing that I think is going to feed my muse and introduce you to some of these fine folks I know. I’m excited to tell you that my new series, “Getting to Know,” is coming soon to this blog! I completed my first interview today, and I hope you’ll love getting to know the subject of the first piece in the series.

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