“I think I’m doing better.”

  As I'm scurrying to go back to work after lunch the other day, Mom says something that stops me in my tracks: "I had a conversation with Nurse Blair today. Obviously she doesn't know since she didn't see me in Missouri, but I think I'm doing better." "I think I'm doing better." Oh, my… Continue reading “I think I’m doing better.”

Casualties and heroes

Changing your life so drastically can have a trickledown effect on those around you. Brian and I have exchanged our share of tears and difficult conversations in the two and a half months that Mom has lived here. We've worried about money, worried about whether one brother would step up to the plate (which he… Continue reading Casualties and heroes

And Mama J makes 3

Proud and terrified daughter and son-in-law Gail and Brian S. of Baton Rouge, welcome a mother/mother-in-law, Joan O., also known as Mama J or Mama Joan. Age, 76. Weight, 75 pounds. Height, 4'10".  Back in September when I drove to Missouri to visit my mom, I wasn't imagining how completely Brian's and my life would change… Continue reading And Mama J makes 3